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We Help GOOD People in Unfortunate Situations™

At Craig Epifanio, P.A., in St. Petersburg, Florida, we help good people who are working through difficult issues that include:

Attorney Craig A. Epifanio is a St. Petersburg criminal lawyer who has an extensive understanding of the law through both practical courtroom experience as well as personal experiences. He chose to work primarily in criminal law because he saw what happened to people who did not have lawyers. He has seen how people can be intimidated and overwhelmed by the criminal justice system — even when they are not guilty. This experience helped inspire him to become a St. Petersburg criminal lawyer and provide every client who walked through his doors with responsive client service and aggressive legal advocacy.

In all matters, Mr. Epifanio's goal is to assist you in obtaining justice and support you through difficult life situations by providing prompt, responsive and effective legal services.

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